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  2. March 24: Rest day

    Legs weren’t havin it today.


  5. March 23 Run: 3.77 miles

    Is it ever going to warm up!? The weather made this run more brutal than it needed to be, but weather aside it went well. I just cannot wait for it to finally warm up! I am deffinatly looking forward to spring weather!
    All that matters is that I ran! Despite walking outside and being so frustrated by the cold, I ran. I did it and that is what counts!


  6. March 23: GOOD MORNING!

    I woke up this morning in my OWN bed with my family under the same roof and my cat at the end of the bed, the way it should be. I am so happy to be home, but honestly when I woke up in the middle of the night I had no idea where I was! I was so exhausted that I think it slipped my mind that I was home! It was very humerous. Anyway, I woke up, this time knowing where I was, and the warm, bright sun was shining through my window (which is super dirty haha). It is currently warming my skin as I try to wake myself up to go make a real breakfast and not something on the go like at school. I am soaking up every second being home, especially in terms of eating healthy meals and drinking water like it is my job!
    Today I’m not too sure what I have planned, but I do know that I will be going for a run in this beautiful sunshiny weather, soak up some vitamin D, and hopefully go out with some friends from home tonight. As always I will be spending the day with my love, my nephew.
    I’m happy.


  7. March 22 Run: 3 miles

    This run, considering it was freezing outside and that I haven’t been running in about a week, maybe a little more, went great! I started out slow and I could feel my calves tightening from this new unexpected, unwanted case of planterfaseitus, but after stopping for a stretch I felt my confidence come back immediately. I stopped, put some snow on my calves and just felt like a badass. And I love that feeling more than anything. I feel like, and not that it’s about them, but I feel like people are looking at me thinking I’m crazy for doing this on a day like today, but at the same time I hope people are getting inspired by me going out there and facing the harsh weather. I use the weather as an excuse at school, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. I think I’ve just lost the motivation that I once had and I’m working on getting it back. Listening to Lady Gaga is a BIG help. She makes me feel wonderful. Born This Way got me through this run.


  8. March 22: Going for a Run

    I’m home for spring break and I have the opportunity to go for a run on the road that started it all! I’m so happy to be home, despite the cold weather I am going out and going for a run!

  9. Forrest Gump (1994)

    It’s been a year since I’ve started running. I don’t know why I started, “I just felt like running”, but I’m so glad I did. Running brought a lot of joy and confidence into my life. When I run, I feel free; I feel like I can accomplish anything. I got better and stronger with every mile. It’s been harder in the winter and being at school, especially at a location where it is cold ALL the time, but I’m deffinatly looking forward to spring, to warmth, and most of all I am looking forward to achieve more and more goals.

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